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9. May 2024 14:25
by nKast

What's new in KNI v3.12

9. May 2024 14:25 by nKast | 0 Comments

  The new version of KNI 3.12.9001 brings bug fixes, performance and 3D processing improvements. A more detailed list of the changes is available on the changelog.

Download KNI v3.12 today.
See migrate to v3.12 on how to upgrade your current projects.


  The restructuring of the framework is almost completed, with Input and Game namespaces moved to their own assemblies. The remaining namespaces are Storage and Microsoft.Devices.Sensors. What that means in practice is that the majority of libraries can target the core libraries without the need to target a PrivateAssets="All" Ref library.


 Assimp, the library we use to import 3D file formats, has been upgrade to version 5.2.4. The ModelProcessor can now correctly import the scale and orientation of .fbx files from a variety of sources. Below you can the Ship1, Pad and Pad_Halo models from the ShipGame sample as they were imported by v3.11 and v3.12. For reference the last image is the XNA build.

Additionally a couple of bugs were fixed in the ModelProcessor and the MaterialImporter. First, notice how the UV was corrupted inside the tunnel on Level1 model. Second, the textures on the walls were all noisy because of no MipMapping. For reference the last image is the XNA build.

  A key difference in XNA is that the ModelImporter will automatically generate Normals for all models. KNI gives you more control by adding a new parameter in the ModelProcessor. By setting GenerateNormals=true you can generate normals on any Model. That feature was particularly useful in porting the ShipGame sample, without the need to re-export the original models.


While KNI is free and open-source, maintaining and expanding the framework requires ongoing effort and resources. We rely on the support of our community to continue delivering top-notch updates, features, and support.
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